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Blue Ocean is teaming up with Ecosubsea !

We are glad to announce that SWEN Capital Partners's Blue Ocean fund has recently invested in ECOsubsea, a unique solution for environmentally friendly underwater hull cleaning of vessels.

What is the goal and why ?

Biofouling removal through sustainable hull cleaning is essential to optimize vessel performance, save fuel and reduce emissions, while at the s

ame time protecting the marine ecosystem from invasive species and microplastics pollution – a win-win for everyone, regardless if you live above or below the sea level !

This funding is a major milestone for the company and will supercharge their mission to make sustainable in water hull cleaning both affordable and available globally.

Congrats to Tor M. Østervold and the entire ECOsubsea team in the scale up of their sustainable end-to-end solution to biofouling!

Read more in the press release attached

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