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🌊 The entire Blue Ocean team attended ChangeNOW !

Updated: Apr 5

We were thrilled to engage in this enlightening event, sponsored by SWEN Capital Partners!

  • Olivier Raybaud served as the moderator for the panel titled “Solving water scarcity through innovation and adaptation,” alongside representatives from our esteemed portfolio company, Oneka Waters. We were excited to welcome them to Paris all the way from Canada! They shared insights into their ambitious mission: to establish the oceans as a sustainable and accessible source of freshwater. Explore their groundbreaking work on their website!

  • Christian Lim was glad to speak in the panel “Take action for the ocean”! Once more, alongside inspiring co-speakers, he emphasized the urgent need to protect our oceans, which are currently facing significant threats. The active role of Blue Ocean is hopefully spearheading efforts to accelerate this crucial transition towards ocean conservation and sustainability.

Additionally, we enjoyed hosting our "Ocean Night" event in collaboration with our valued friends and partners at RespectOcean, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and 1000 Ocean Startups.

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