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We welcome new members to the team!

Please meet our latest Blue Ocean teammates: Clémence and Prisca! Both driven by Ocean protection and regeneration, their profiles match and complement the team's strength!

Clémence Ollivier after graduating from an engineering school, spent the first four years of her career working in the O&G industry, including two working as an engineer on oil rigs. After a one-year MBA at INSEAD, Clémence realised she wanted to change course radically, move away from big corporates and get into "clean tech". She joined Winnow, a London-based tech startup using AI to help commercial kitchens reduce food waste. She embarked on a 6 year-journey with the company, where she got the opportunity to start the Data Science team from scratch and grew it to a 10 people team. Clémence is now really excited about her next step, joining the Swen Blue Ocean team as VC Principal.

Prisca Jauffrineau joined Blue Ocean as an intern in November and is beyond happy to officially join the team as an Associate. Recently graduated from Sciences Po Bordeaux and ESCP Europe her connection with the ocean has been the foundation of all her experiences. Previously working in diplomacy at the French Ministry of the Sea, for the fight against plastic pollution in the Ocean with Expédition 7eme continent or as a sailing instructor in various parts of the world, her determination to have an impact is unquestionable!

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