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🌊 SWEN's Blue Ocean strategy lastest news - our final closing at €170m and more

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Harness the power of innovation to regenerate ocean health

Dear Friend of the Ocean, The newsletter from the SWEN Blue Ocean team is back (again)! In this edition, we share the news about the final closing of Blue Ocean, the reasons behind our latest investments, and news about us and selected ecosystem events. Looking forward to your feedback! Blue Ocean's final closing We are pleased to announce the final closing of Blue Ocean at €170m, making it the largest VC fund for the regeneration of ocean health to date. This is significant as the fund was substantially oversubscribed (initial target was €120m), in just 1.5 years, and at over 85% by institutional investors, paving the way for ocean innovation impact investing to become mainstream. You can learn more from the Press release here. Investment highlights

  • ECOSubsea invented robots that clean the hulls of ships while collecting the biofouling removed and turning it into energy. It helps ships reduce carbon emissions and prevent alien invasive species, which primarily spread through biofouling.

  • BlueNav electrifies boat propulsion through a hybrid approach. It accelerates the transition by providing the benefits of electric while maintaining the safety (for range) from thermal if needed. It helps address coastal sound pollution, a major threat to the ocean.

  • Avant substitutes conventional seafood, including endangered species, with cultivated seafood. Animal cruelty free, by-catch free, pollution free, and delicious!

  • 900.Care sells personal care products in a dry format and without single use plastic packaging. The carbon footprint is dramatically reduced from not having to transport water.

  • Spinergie provides unparalleled insights from big data to vessel operators and owners to help them optimize operations and cut carbon emissions.

  • BIBAK developed a software platform making the reuse of food containers easy and affordable for restaurants, restaurant chains and caterers. No more single use packaging at your fast-food chain or company restaurant!

Ocean news

  • We are delighted to celebrate the High Seas Treaty aiming at protecting 30% of international waters! Further clarification on the actual level of protection of MPAs will be critical. In any case, we believe that monitoring of MPAs will be key in the implementation and that techs supporting efficient monitoring will play a key role.

Recent events – We were there!

  • At COP 15 on biodiversity in Montreal, Isabelle, Deputy CEO, shared insights about the nature financing gap.

  • Olivier, Floriane and Prisca participated in the BlueInvest Day in Brussels –Olivier got to speak on the expert panel on mobilizing capital for the sustainable blue economy and as a jury member for the sustainable food and feed from the ocean pitch session.

  • Isabelle was thrilled to talk about investing with a positive impact on nature at the World Ocean Summit!

Future events – We will be there, will you?

  • Christian will be at the Villars Summit in Switzerland on March 14, where he will co-lead the Innovation Nexus workshop.

  • Christian will participate in debates at the Monaco Blue Initiative on March 20.

  • There will be a 1000 Ocean Startups Workshop in Monaco on March 21 on a Digital Tool for the Ocean Impact Navigator.

  • Isabelle and Olivier will discuss protection and rehabilitation of marine ecosystems at Time to Change, an event organised by Option Finance in Deauville on March 28 and 29.

  • Julie will participate in the Ocean Visions biennial summit in April in Atlanta.

  • At the Blue Food Innovation Summit in London in May, Christian will contribute on the panel putting VC, ESG and Capital Growth to Work in Today’s Financial Climate, together with Julie.

  • SWEN Blue Ocean is in the Jury of the Ocean Pitch Challenge on May 23.

  • Christian will be in the Jury of the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge on June 8.

Selected SWEN Capital Partners news

  • SWEN Capital Partners is supporting1000 Ocean Startups. The coalition is now hosted by the World Economic Forum to scale up its impact, including the development of the Ocean Impact Navigator. The Navigator helps startups, competitions, accelerators and investors measure their ocean impact and consolidate the collective action of the ecosystem. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are also interested in supporting 1000 Ocean Startups.

Kind regards, Christian, Julie, Laetitia, Mélanie, Olivier, Prisca

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