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Blue Ocean Backs Polystyvert: $16M Raised to Advance Polystyrene Recycling!

Polystyvert, an innovative company specializing in recycling technologies and the circular economy for styrenic plastics (polystyrene and ABS), has announced a $16 million Series B funding at a strategic moment in its development. This comes amidst increasingly stringent environmental regulations worldwide and a growing demand for sustainable plastic recycling solutions.

This funding marks a significant step towards the construction of Polystyvert’s first commercial plant in Quebec, dedicated to recycling highly contaminated polystyrene waste. The support from European and North American investors will help Polystyvert solidify its position as a leader in the circularity of styrenic plastics through its patented dissolution and purification technology.

At Blue Ocean, we are excited to champion this innovative technology by supporting Polystyvert’s dynamic team. We are particularly proud to work with their great leaders, Nathalie Morin, B.Eng, MBA, ASC, and Marianne Lépinoit, CPA. Partnering with esteemed investors like Infinity Recycling, Earth Foundry, and Anges Québec, we are committed to aiding Polystyvert in this pivotal development phase.

Learn more: here.

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